Amy Sowder

Amy Sowder

AeroFarms has new products in the works

Newark, N.J.-based AeroFarms, an indoor vertical grower of greens, is working on developing new products, said cofounder and chief marketing officer Marc Oshima.

It's looking like a sweet summer for New Jersey

EGG HARBOR CITY, N.J. — Skip Consalo stepped closer to the blueberry bushes, his face inches from the crop.

NJ represented in next FFA officer team

Four New Jersey counties are represented in the 2019-20 State FFA officer team that was elected as part of the 90th Annual State FFA Convention, concluding May 24 at Monmouth University.

Mango shipper Freska sees Fair Trade benefits

Freska Produce International, Oxnard, Calif., is noticing the operational benefits of Fair Trade USA certification at its Mexican packing houses.

New Jersey’s Donio family receives humanitarian award

The Donio family of New Jersey has received the same national honor that Frank Sinatra, Tommy Lasorda and Tony Bennett have accepted.

MountainKing acquires Colorado facility for small potatoes

In response to demand for smaller potatoes in smaller bags, Houston-based MountainKing has acquired a packing facility dedicated exclusively to fingerlings and “baby” versions of yellow and red potatoes.

Concord Foods launches trending vegetable seasonings

Brockton, Mass.-based Concord Foods is launching three Fresh Success vegetable seasoning mixes.

On scene: A visit to Tudor Ranch in Coachella Valley, Ca.

COACHELLA VALLEY, Calif. — The Packer's Northeast editor, Amy Sowder, goes west to join the farm tours at West Coast Produce Expo. 

Dole launches campaign inspired by Disney’s new ‘Lion King’

Inspired by the July 19 release of Disney’s new “Lion King” film, Dole Fresh Fruit is launching a summer-long healthy living initiative, National Eat More Fruit and Vegetables Day.

Titan Farms prepares for full peach season

Ridge Spring, S.C.-based Titan Farms is ready to kick off another season of South Carolina peaches this week, ahead of Memorial Day celebrations.
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