Amelia Freidline

Amelia Freidline

Oranges, strawberries ... and turnips? Check out what's tops on PMG

Oranges were still the favorite on Produce Market Guide the week of March 30, but lettuce inched up a place from the previous week to No. 2, bumping organic pears to No. 3.

Oranges are a favorite on Produce Market Guide

Oranges, organic pears, lettuce, avocados and broccoli held onto their rankings of No. 1 through No. 5.

Oranges rule Produce Market Guide, but bananas pick up interest

Oranges and organic pears maintained the top two spots on Produce Market Guide last week, while lettuce inched up a place to No. 3.

Green onions are tops on Produce Market Guide

Green onions took over as the top item on Produce Market Guide the week of Feb. 24, while oranges slipped to second place.

Go ahead, ‘like’ my salad

Can what we share on social media influence other people’s eating habits for the better?

Spring and summer favorites stand out on Produce Market Guide

Pummelos and oranges remained 1-2 on Produce Market Guide the week of Feb. 3, but avocados edged out cucumbers to become No. 3.

Making new tastes 'normal' for kids

I have to think that one of the simplest ways to introduce new fruits and vegetables to kids — especially little kids — is to let them see you eat and enjoy the items yourself

Prices around the nation: Red onions

Red onions averaged a price of $1.33 per pound around the country on Jan. 29, according to U.S. Marketing Services.

Watermelon rejoins Produce Market Guide's top 20

Pummelos and oranges once again came out on top on Produce Market Guide during the week of Jan. 27, with cucumbers holding on at No. 3.

Citrus, bananas garner interest on Produce Market Guide

For the fourth week in a row, pummelos and oranges have led Produce Market Guide's top 20 fruits and vegetables, with cucumbers taking the No. 3 spot the week of Jan. 20.