Wonderful’s Halos promotion thinks inside the box

Wonderful’s Halos promotion thinks inside the box

When it comes to snacks, Wonderful Citrus wants parents to know Halos “checks all the boxes:” healthy, convenient and prep-free.

A new promotion, “The Checks-All-The-Boxes Box,” gives parents a solution when providing snacks to a group of children, and scoring points from the other judgmental parents.

In-store point-of-sale materials, free-standing inserts in publications, an expanded influencer campaign, social media ads, digital integrations with event planning sites and consumer e-mails will be part of the promotion, according to a news release.

The promotion features scenarios parents might find themselves in, with a box of Halos as the solution:

“The Yes-I-Brought-Enough-For-The-Whole-Team Box:” for sporting events;

 “The My-Kid’s-Involved-In-Everything Box” for school recitals/other events; and

“The For-The-Love-Of-Pete-Don’t-Touch-That-Cake-Yet Box” for birthday parties.

Adam Cooper, Wonderful Co. vice president of marketing, said 80% of parents bring snacks to events their children are involved in, and half bring snacks more than five times a year.

“The new multimillion-dollar campaign is designed to tap into these snack duty occasions and empower parents to choose a 5-pound box of Wonderful Halos over other sugary snacks as the good choice solution,” Cooper said in the release.

Halos are available in 3-pound mesh bags and 5-pound bags and boxes.

YouTube’s the Holderness Family, which debuted an original song highlighting Halos, “Snack Panic Attack,” is partnering with Wonderful Citrus through the campaign. The video is on media channels including Facebook, Instragram and YouTube, according to the release.

New “Grove of Goodness” displays and Snack Duty POS will be available for produce departments. More than 20,000 displays have already been shipped this season.