Winter Sweetz grapefruit shipping from Texas

Winter Sweetz grapefruit shipping from Texas

Lone Star Citrus, McAllen, Texas, has started its Winter Sweetz brand grapefruit season.

The grapefruit, grown in the Rio Grande Valley, will be available from Lone Star through April, with peak sweetness through March, according to a news release.
With a lighter bloom this summer, the fruit is one size larger on average, compared to last season.

“The bright color and juicy texture is the perfect pick-me-up during the winter months and we’re excited for our winter promotion to showcase the many ways consumers are able to use this versatile fruit,” April Flowers, director of marketing, said in the release.

The promotion includes e-mail, social media, influencer partnerships and regional and national media to change the perception that grapefruit can be enjoyed only by cutting it in half and sprinkling sugar on top, according to the release.

Lone Star Citrus also ships in gift cartons to spur in-store impulse purchases.

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