Trinity Fruit expands plantings

Trinity Fruit expands plantings

Although pomegranate volume is expected to be down industrywide this season compared to last year, movement should be up about 5% at Fresno, Calif.-based Trinity Fruit Sales Co. Inc. because of new plantings, said Levon Ganajian, director of retail relations.

Picking was scheduled to start the first week of September with the company’s proprietary Aco variety, he said.

Aco, a sub-acid pomegranate that originated in Israel, is a better variety than the other early options, like foothill, he said.

“For the early deal, it works real well for us,” Ganajian said.

Trinity Fruit should have full truckload volume of its proprietary product during September.

“If companies are looking for an incremental sales opportunity, it’s a great variety,” he said.

The company also has expanded its production lines this season, Ganajian said.

Besides fresh pomegranates, Trinity Fruit has a year-round program for arils.

“It’s been very successful for us,” he said.

The company offers fresh, dried and frozen arils.