Three-pronged campaign to spread the word about California grapes

Three-pronged campaign to spread the word about California grapes

Whether they’re thumbing through a magazine, checking out their smartphones or tuning in to a traffic report on their car radios, consumers will be learning a lot about California table grapes this summer thanks to the promotional efforts of the Fresno-based California Table Grape Commission.

Multi-pronged promotions will range from the tried-and-true to state-of-the-art, said Jeff Cardinale, the commission’s vice president of communications.

The commission has three messages it hopes to impart:
> Grapes are the perfect snack;
> California is the ideal place to grow the fruit; and
> Grapes have significant health benefits.

“Grapes from California are the perfect snack right off the bunch,” Cardinale said, so the commission has developed ads that will focus on the portability and ease of incorporating California grapes “anytime, anywhere.”

The healthy snacking messaging also will air on the Radio Health Journal network and in traffic radio spots during morning and afternoon drive times.

The commission will take advantage of mobile geolocation targeting to send out messaging about healthy snacking via mobile devices for consumers headed to select locations.

“This is important,” Cardinale said, since research shows that 24% of grape purchasers don’t decide to pick up grapes until they arrive at the supermarket.

The commission also will emphasize the optimal grape-growing conditions — like abundant sunshine, nutrient-rich soil and mountain water — in California’s Coachella and San Joaquin valleys, Cardinale said.

Those attributes are the focus of two new commercials for grapes from California, one of which will debut globally in 2019.

The commercials will be seen in the U.S. on the Food Network and Cooking Channel.
One of the commercials also will air in nearly 30 countries across Asia, Australia and New Zealand. 

The California campaign will be reinforced in social media and through the Explore California section of the commission website —

The third message the commission wants to spread covers the health benefits of grapes.

Brain, colon and heart health will be the focus of magazine print ads through November. 
Grapes and heart and brain health also will appear in science-backed, health research-based ads in USA Today inserts three times during the season.

Special cover wraps with health messaging on People magazines will be distributed to doctors’ offices around the country six times during the year, Cardinale said.

The ads will be reinforced on the commission’s website and through social media.

“With nearly one-third of primary shoppers using mobile phone apps or websites to help make purchasing decisions, usage and inspirational videos about California grapes will appear online to keep California grapes top of mind,” he added.

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