Terphane’s antifog film provides clear view of product

Terphane’s antifog film provides clear view of product

Terphane, Bloomfield, N.Y., has films that use a process that avoid chemical solvent coatings to provide antifogging of produce containers, allowing a heat-sealed package that shows the product clearly even when there’s condensation.

“Terphane’s innovative process offers a more reliable, sustainable option than coated alternatives,” according to a news release. “The improved visibility of the food product will increase sales and reduce food waste at the supermarket.”

Terphane’s coextrusion technology avoids the post-extrusion chemical coating to achieve the antifog effect, according to the release.

Fogging happens when humidity in the package condenses and obstructs the view of the products. Terphane incorporates ingredients into the film itself, which merges the moisture into a transparent window.

“Utilizing our antifog film improves the visibility of the food product,” according to the release. “A better view of the product connotes freshness and has greater appeal to consumers.”

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