Tasteful Selections Small-Bite campaign touts comfort theme

Tasteful Selections Small-Bite campaign touts comfort theme

Arvin, Calif.-based Tasteful Selections is bringing consumers the “Comfort in a Small Bite” marketing campaign.

"As we move into the last theme of our Small Bite Campaign, we want to provide comforting recipes and flavors that our consumers can share during the holiday,” RPE Marketing Director Tim Huffcutt said in a news release. 

Tasteful Selections LLC is a vertically integrated family-owned collection of farms that specialize in the bite-size potato category. RPE is the the exclusive sales and marketing partner of Tasteful Selections.

The eight new recipes include Roasted Potato Poutine, Mediterranean Pot Roast and Cheesy Potato Fondue.

During the last year, Tasteful Selections has used marketing themes of wellness, happiness, creativity, adventure and inspiration, according to the release. With the new “comfort” marketing theme, the release said consumers can win prizes including a slow cooker, an immersion blender, 10-piece bake ware set and other items.

“We hope that this campaign has highlighted the versatility and ease of preparation our bite-size potatoes bring to the table,” Huffcutt said in the release. “As a perfect way to transition to a new year, we want to close on the truly comforting flavors Tasteful Selections bite-size potatoes provide.” 



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