StePac designs shelf life extending liners for pomegranates

StePac designs shelf life extending liners for pomegranates

StePac, Tefen, Israel, has new bin liners designed to extend the storage life of fresh pomegranates.

The company’s products can help growers seeking management solutions during a glut in the crop, allowing them to store the fruit longer while market conditions improve, according to a news release.

“In spite of their tough exterior, whole fresh pomegranates host a range of challenges that arise with prolonged storage,” according to the release. “In the absence of proper protection, the fruit can suffer significant dehydration and weight loss, causing it to shrivel.”

Whole pomegranates, in 400-kilogram (about 900 pounds) bins with StePac Xtend liners, can be stored for three months or longer, according to the release. The company also has liners for single carton use.

“StePac developed film structures containing a unique sealing layer that facilitates leaner packaging and induces savings of up to 40% in material use as well as reduced labor costs, by enabling pomegranates to be flow-packed in both bulk and retail formats,” according to the release.

StePac recently developed recyclable Xgo lidding films and stand-up pouches for retail packaging options. Xgo inhibits microbial decay and extend pomegranate aril shelf life up to 17 days. The film is available in easy peel and resealable formats, according to the release.

“The global reach of our technology is instrumental in addressing the challenges facing the pomegranate industry and for ensuring that both the whole fruit and the extracted arils reach the consumers— wherever they might be — in prime condition, while keeping waste to a minimum,” Gary Ward, business development manager, said in the release.

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