Stemilt’s Kyle’s Pick cherries return

Stemilt’s Kyle’s Pick cherries return

Throughout July, Wenatchee, Wash.-based Stemilt Growers is striving to ensure that premium Kyle’s Pick cherries are the impulse buy shoppers make.

“July is a big month for selling cherries,” Brianna Shales, Stemilt communications manager, said in the release. 

Kyle Mathison is a fourth-generation cherry grower and the namesake behind Kyle’s Pick cherries. He has grown cherries at the Stemilt Hill locale near Wenatchee for more than four decades.

“Kyle’s approval of cherries isn’t easy to acquire, and that’s what makes Kyle’s Pick cherries so special,” Shales said in the release. “He is known for scouring the world to find new cherry varieties worthy of growing.”

Stemilt reserves select dark-sweet cherry varieties for the Kyle’s Pick programs, including Skeena and Sweetheart. Washington State’s long spring and warm growing season meant cherries have experienced longer hang time on the tree, helping fruit grow big and full of flavor, according to the release.

The cherry packs are available in random-weight pouch bags as well as 1- and 2-pound clamshells. Every package is stamped with the Kyle’s Pick emblem and will be available throughout the month.

In early August, harvest moves to high-elevation orchards, called Amigos, according to the release. At that time, Stemilt begins packing its A Half-Mile Closer to the Moon cherry pack. These cherries continue the premium offering that Kyle’s Pick starts but also celebrates how the lunar cycle and elevation can create a memorable cherry eating experience.

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