Stemilt asks — and answers: What apple are you?

Stemilt asks — and answers: What apple are you?

If you were an apple, what kind of apple would you be?

Would you be sweet like a red delicious or tart like a granny smith? Are you traditional like a golden delicious or do you like to be on the vanguard of new things like the Honeycrisp?

Stemilt Growers has the answer with a new quiz on its website. Billed as an opportunity to find your “true core,” the quiz matches an apple variety to your personality type.

The 7-question quiz asks about apple-eating preferences then matches you with an apple variety. Be prepared to answer questions about how and when you like to eat apples as well as what your favorite color of apple is.

The quiz takes all these answers into account, then offers up a result that includes an assessment of your personality and recommendations for apple varieties you might like that “match” your personality.

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