Sprout Safety Alliance training program set

Sprout Safety Alliance training program set

The Sprout Safety Alliance has scheduled its next training course for growers.

The course is the second part of its Sprout Grower Training Blended Course and contains two four-sessions, on Nov. 5-6. The first part of the course is self-led and can be completed before the second part, which is online and features live instruction. The class is limited to 12, according to the organization.

Registration and information on both parts of the course is on the Sprout Safety Alliance’s website.

Sprout-growing operations are subject to the Produce Safety Rule, including requirements specifically for growing sprouts. The Sprout Safety Alliance’s course is the “standardized curriculum” recognized by the FDA, according to the organization.

“Successfully completing this course will be helpful in understanding and implementing the Produce Safety Rule requirements and best practices for enhancing sprout safety,” according to the alliance’s website.

Carmen Wakeling, owner and manager of Eatmore Sprouts, Courtenay, British Columbia, and president of the International Sprout Growers Association, said the Sprout Safety Alliance in 2016 initiated a two-day training program for growers. To date 104 growers have participated in the training.

“We look forward to continuing to build a healthy and safe sprouting industry,” Wakeling said in an e-mail.

The Sprout Safety Task Force, which started in 2009, is a collaboration of growers, regulators and scientists that has been involved in numerous projects to support and educate growers and seed suppliers, Wakeling said.