SnackNation is sweet on Wonderful Pistachios honey roasted nuts

SnackNation is sweet on Wonderful Pistachios honey roasted nuts

It’s the second year of SnackNation’s Insight Award for snacks, and a Wonderful Pistachios product – No Shells Honey Roasted – received the honor for the Best Nut or Trail Mix from an established brand.

Last year, Wonderful Pistachios, Los Angeles, received the recognition in the same category for it Roasted & Salted pistachios.

“Wonderful Pistachios No Shells makes it easy to enjoy this snack on the go, with the new flavors adding another delicious layer that’s sought-after and craved by consumers,” Adam Cooper, senior vice president of marketing for The Wonderful Co., said in the release. “We are honored to be recognized by SnackNation, and grateful that our commitment to quality led to Wonderful Pistachios being one of the nation’s most popular snacks.” 

Wonderful introduced the honey roasted No Shells, along with a Chili Roasted flavor in the same line, in summer 2019. The flavored No Shells selections represent 20% of the company’s overall No Shells program, according to the release. More than 40% of consumers who buy the flavored No Shells are new to Wonderful Pistachios products.

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