Robinson Fresh Daily ‘Dos: ripe avocados throughout the week

Robinson Fresh Daily ‘Dos: ripe avocados throughout the week

Robinson Fresh is taking the guesswork out of choosing avocados that will be ripe throughout the week with a four-pack of fruit at different stages of ripeness.

The four avocados in the Daily ‘Dos are packed in a proprietary tray lined with a film that absorbs ethylene to delay the ripening process, according to a news release, helping extend shelf life by 21% or more compared to bulk-ripened fruit.

The Happy Chameleon brand will be available in the Northeast during a test period, and wider distribution depends on results.

Robinson Fresh came up with the idea by “identifying barriers to purchase, gathering input from customers, as well as examining shopper and grower insights,” according to the release.

The Daily ‘Dos use special packaging from PrimePro to stagger the stages of ripeness of the four 70-count avocados. 

According to Robinson Fresh, recipe ideas and promotions are key drivers of avocado sales, and the Daily ‘Dos were designed to be priced “attractively at retail to align with these promotional strategies,” according to the release. 

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