ProSeal’s sustainability on display at Pack Expo

ProSeal’s sustainability on display at Pack Expo

With many companies using top-seal containers to cut down on plastic use to promote sustainability, ProSeal is showcasing the focus on sustainability at Pack Expo.

At the annual packing expo, Sept. 23-25 in the Las Vegas Convention Center, ProSeal equipment will demonstrate the tray sealing specialist’s ability to seal different tray formats at fast speeds.

Interest in sustainable packing options is fueling demand from retailers and consumers for environmentally-friendly solutions, according to a ProSeal news release, and food retailers are seeking alternative packaging.

Those include a wide range of board and pulp products.

At Pack Expo, ProSeal will have its Halopak tray, hermetic cardboard modified atmosphere packaging. The trays are produced on ProSeal’s SKR machine, with the base material made from more than 90% recycled cardboard, according to the release.

The company will also demonstrate its ability to handle and seal lightweight trays, with the benefits of product quality and food safety, reducing plastic use by up to 42%.

The ProSeal booth is LS6563 at Pack Expo.