Pretty Lady Vineyards offers new package options

Pretty Lady Vineyards offers new package options

New package options are on tap for McFarland, Calif.-based Pretty Lady Vineyards.

Retailers have the option to stock top-seal packs of one-, two-, and three-pound options.

Recent trends indicate increased popularity for packaged produce that shows the quality of the fruit and provides tamper-evident seals, according to a news release. The top-seal packs also use less plastic than other packaging methods and the tray is 100% recyclable.

Top seal packaging is available under the Pretty Lady brand, in addition to seasonal promotions such as the popular Harvest Hobgoblin label in the fall.

The development of the Pretty Lady Vineyards’ Western U.S. grape crop has been ideal.

“The weather has been exceptional so far this year contributing to fantastic bunch formation and shatter,” Nick Dulcich, president of Pretty Lady Vineyards, said in the release. “The bunches are large framed and loose allowing for continued growth for the grapes.”

Dulcich said retailers can expect to see full bunches with a superb eating profile.

“We predict the fruit will be shipping from our Maricopa (California's Kern County) ranches anytime between July 10 through July 13,” he said in the release.

Correction:  A previous version indicated the wrong location of the company's vineyards.

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