Plums get lots of love on PMG

Plums get lots of love on PMG

As the official start to autumn neared fall staples took more spots among the PMG top 20, but summer items and year-round favorites still held their own the week of Sept. 7. Italian prune plums took the No. 1 spot, with pumpkins rocketing to No. 2 and cucumbers holding onto No. 3. Avocados came in at No. 4, and pears completed the top 5.

The PMG platform connects produce buyers and sellers. Below, find the top 20 searched commodities on PMG during the week of Sept. 7.

Apples came in at No. 6, followed by figs at No. 7, mangoes at No. 8, and chili peppers at No. 9. Organic pears rounded out the top 10.

Plums took No. 11, with oranges at No. 12, lettuce at No. 13, and winter squash at No. 14, while okra appeared at No. 15.

Watermelon came in at No. 16, lemons at No. 17, peaches at No. 18, and potatoes at No. 19. Yellow plums completed the top 20.

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