Peruvian grape grower recognized for water conservation programs

Peruvian grape grower recognized for water conservation programs

Peruvian grape grower Don Ricardo, which exports about half of its production to the U.S., has received the Peruvian National Water Resources Certificado Azul (Blue Certificate) to recognize its sustainable water practices.

The company grows 21 varieties of grapes on about 2,500 acres. Don Ricardo also has about 900 acres of citrus, including w. murcotts, Orris and tango mandarins, 60% of which go to the U.S., with the bulk going to club stores.

Don Ricardo has implemented two projects: one focuses on table grape production with the addition of soil moisture sensors that have helped cut water use by 26%, according to a release. The second project, called “Let’s talk about sustainable irrigation,” has focused on the community around the company’s orchards. The project serves as technical advisors to 53 small growers in Peru’s Ica region, helping them establish efficient irrigation systems on their farms.

“We are very proud that Don Ricardo has been recognized by the National Water Resources Authority as a sustainable company, respectful with the environment and keeper of the most important natural resource for our activities and life: the water,” Ricardo Briceño, president, said in the release.”

In 2019, Don Ricardo participated in SPRING (Sustainable Program for Irrigation and Groundwater Use, a GlobalG.A.P. add-on audit) pilot project on avocados, developed with the support of the Dutch-based exotics distributor Nature´s Pride, according to the release.