Pear Bureau taps into spicy snack trend with video

Pear Bureau taps into spicy snack trend with video

A new Pear Bureau Northwest video showing the fusion of pears and spicy chips has garnered more than 160,000 views on YouTube.

The video, which shows spicy chips being pulverized to create a dip for fresh sliced pears, plays on the interest among young consumers in snacks such as Hot Cheetos and spicy Doritos, according to a news release.

“Hot and spicy snack foods are very popular among consumers, and we believe pears make a tasty, if not unusual, companion to those foods,” Pear Bureau Northwest President and CEO Kevin Moffitt said in the release. “We have also been working to develop video content that resonates with a wide audience, and the snacking video is a quick, funny and tongue-in-cheek way to grab the attention of consumers across the digital landscape.” 

So far, the extreme snacking video has generated 315,898 impressions and approximately 160,000 views on YouTube, according to the release. On Facebook and Instagram, the video generated more than 230,000 views and 328,000 impressions.

The 15-second video was launched as an advertisement on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram with an accompanying blog post in early October, according to the release.

The extreme snacking video follows several recipe videos, the “Hand-Picked Harvest” series focusing on pear growing communities, and live broadcasts on the @USAPears Facebook and Instagram pages throughout the season, according to the release.

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