Pear Bureau NW launches shoppable recipe technology online

Pear Bureau NW launches shoppable recipe technology online

Recipes on Pear Bureau Northwest’s website are now shoppable for consumers, one of several tactics to kick off the season in September.

The tool allows visitors to to purchase ingredients from the online retailer of their choice directly from the recipe page, according to a news release.

To implement this technology, Pear Bureau Northwest teamed with Whisk, a platform that connects recipes, products and shopping choices using artificial intelligence and deep learning.

Tracking more than 500 million monthly user interactions, Whisk’s clients and partners include Amazon, Walmart, Instacart, Food Network and Allrecipes.

“Consumers are increasingly looking for convenient ways to do their shopping online and from a mobile device. Adding Whisk’s technology to the USA Pears website allows us to provide consumers with the easiest possible way to purchase pears whenever they are browsing pear recipes,” Kathy Stephenson, Pear Bureau Northwest marketing director, said in the release.

The bureau has more than 400 pear recipes on its website, Stephenson said.

To promote this shoppable technology, the bureau plans to use social media and newsletters, according to the release. 

Tactics include unpaid social media posting and targeted digital ads across multiple platforms, driving website traffic and encouraging the use of the purchasing and shopping list options.

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