PBH introduces toolkit for September campaign

PBH introduces toolkit for September campaign

In preparation for National Fruits and Veggies Month in September, the Produce for Better Health Foundation is unveiling a toolkit as part of a strategy to increase fruit and vegetable consumption.

The 2020 theme is National Fruits and Veggies Month: Have A Plant Nation, according to a news release.

It will highlight how, at a time when people want unity, fruit and vegetable-filled meals can be that catalyst for tightening family connections, celebrating diversity, improving health of all people and uniting the industry and social influencers in advocacy.

“We’re tapping into PBH’s unique behavioral research insights to bring industry partners meaningful resources — it’s truly a great way PBH can pay it forward,” Wendy Reinhardt Kapsak, president and CEO, said in the release.

The foundation is supplying the consumer campaign with corresponding resources, including tips, tricks, facts and hashtags as well as research and additional expertise. 

PBH is conducting its State of the Plate research to assess consumption behaviors.

The goal is to help the industry identify solutions rooted in PBH’s “know-feel-do” behavioral framework to increase fruit and vegetable consumption. 

The campaign will use framework with emotion-based inspiring ideas that are easy to implement, according to the release.

  • The campaign features resources for collaborating partners:
  • Social media posts and images;
  • Ideas for companies and influencers to involve employees and followers;
  • A sample press release for collaborators to add their logo;
  • Editorial copy for newsletters, websites and other communications; and
  • Segmented promotional opportunities for suppliers, retailers and influencers.

“We listened to our members and heard that there was a great desire for turnkey resources to guide and encourage people to join National Fruits and Veggies Month activities, well in advance of September, to help inspire promotions planning now,” Katie Toulouse, marketing and communications director, said in the release. 

Find the toolkit at www.fruitsandveggies.org/nfvm-toolkit.

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