Packer 25 — Glenn Daniels

Packer 25 — Glenn Daniels


If he weren’t division vice president, East sales for Earthbound Farm, Glenn Daniels would like to be a coach or a teacher.

“I like to see other people succeed,” he said.

Daniels has held several sales positions since joining the San Juan Bautista, Calif.-based company in 2001, and prior to that he served for 12 years in a variety of sales jobs with Salinas, Calif.-based Dole Fresh Vegetables.

During his 30-year produce career, Daniels has gained experience in just about every aspect of the industry, including retail, foodservice, conventional produce, organic produce, day-to-day commodity sales and long-term value-added contracts.

He’s even familiarized himself with various growing operations.

“I’ve been exposed to every facet of the business,” he said.

He’s sold fresh fruits and vegetables to new and existing accounts in several markets across the U.S.

Daniels got his first taste of the industry as a teenager trimming lettuce in the produce department at a Treasure Island supermarket in Palatine, Ill., near Chicago.

He earned a bachelor of business administration degree in marketing from Baylor University, Waco, Texas.

When he started out in Texas as a district sales manager for Dole, there was no Internet, he said.

Salesmen would fax price sheets to their customers every morning and conduct business with two or three phones to their ears.

“It was a lot of fun,” he said.

As he moved up the sales ladder, Daniels discovered that he loved managing people.

He tended to lead by example, working as a peer but also as a leader and a director.

“When you are willing to get in the trenches with the people you lead, they will follow you,” he said.

He also gained an understanding of the retail side.

“When I work with my retailers, I’m always working for that win-win,” he said.

“It’s got to be good for them, but it’s got to be good for us as well.”

Daniels said he was able to develop some strong retail relationships over the years.

Reggie Griffin, formerly corporate vice president of produce and floral for Cincinnati-based The Kroger Co., said he had a good working relationship with Daniels.

  1. said he met with many supplier representatives during his time at Kroger.

“There are a handful who stand out and represent their company well and try to figure out a way to work with us so it’s a win-win,” he said.

“It takes a unique salesperson to be able to pull that off, and I always felt that Glenn was one of those who could do it,” he said. “He did everything he said he would do.”

Daniels said he is especially pleased to have been involved in Earthbound Farm’s growth from a $150 million business to a $600 million business.

“It’s really neat to see how organic has become mainstream,” he said.

“It’s going to continue to take a bigger piece of the pie in produce, no doubt about it.”