Organic Kanzi apple sales grow in U.S. proprietary apple category

Organic Kanzi apple sales grow in U.S. proprietary apple category

Sales of Kanzi apples, particularly organic, continue to climb in the U.S. market.

Nielsen scan data for the 52 weeks ending Dec. 29 show an 864% growth in dollars for organic 
Kanzi from the previous year, although both conventional and organic Kanzi apples are performing well, George Harter, vice president of marketing for CMI Orchards, said in a news release.

“In an increasingly crowded apple category, Kanzi has cemented its place among the top 10 branded apples in the U.S., taking the seventh position in sales dollar performance,” Harter said in the release.

“We are seeing tremendous growth for this unique branded apple and expect to continue to see strong performance as production increases.”

The growth reflects the investment made by one of CMI’s owner orchards, Columbia Fruit Packers, to transition conventional orchards to organic to meet consumer demand, Harter said.

“Branded organic apples offer retailers a fourth price point for capturing incremental sales: conventional core, organic core, conventional branded and at the top of the scale — organic branded apples,” he said in the release. 

A hybrid of gala and braeburn varieties, Kanzis originated in Belgium and are grown and marketed in the U.S. by Columbia Fruit Packers, one of the owners of CMI Orchards, through an exclusive North American agreement. 

CMI Orchards has an alliance with Applewood Fresh Growers LLC in Michigan to provide retailers there with a regional program for Kanzi apples, according to the release.