Oppy launches Divemex pepper display contest

Oppy launches Divemex pepper display contest

A new display contest for Divemex peppers is going on through the end of March, and the grand prize is $2,000.

The second-place prize is $1,000, the third-place prize is $500, and the first 50 entrants in the contest can select a $25 Starbucks or Subway gift card, according to a news release.

Divemex, a greenhouse grower in Mexico that produces in Sinaloa, Nayarit and Jalisco, is a partner of Oppy.

“Peppers are among the most eye-catching items in the produce department,” Aaron Quon, executive director of the greenhouse category for Oppy, said in the release. “We are encouraging our customers to drive sales by bringing their pepper displays ‘up’ in size or in location, like moving the display ‘up’ to the front of the store or department.

“Another way to ‘PepperUP’ would be to include organic and conventional peppers on display or up-selling to a socially conscious consumer because all Divemex peppers are Fair Trade Certified,” Quon said.

The 2018-19 season goes until late May, and promotable volumes are approaching.

“With production in Culiacan entering the market now to supplement the supplies from our Jalisco and Nayarit greenhouses, we’re excited to see volume ramp up and make peppers plentiful for the display contest and more,” Divemex CEO Luis de Saracho said in the release.

Entries can be submitted at [email protected] and should include:

  • produce manager name
  • store name, number and address
  • email and phone number
  • preference of Starbucks or Subway gift card