Northeastern apple growers, retailers take on late-season EverCrisp

Northeastern apple growers, retailers take on late-season EverCrisp

Northeastern growers and retailers are finding the late-season EverCrisp apple variety a benefit to their sales. 

The Midwest Apple Improvement Association developed the cross between Honeycrisp and fuji, working with growers such as United Apple Sales, Lyndonville, N.Y., to commercialize the variety and bring something new to retailers at a time when apple sales typically slow down, according to a news release.

“Our orchards have seen a 100% increase in production volume since 2017-2018,” Ward Dobbins, United Apple Sales grower and owner, said in the release. “We have also seen the quality getting even stronger as trees mature.”

Several growers plan to plant more EverCrisp trees as soon as April, weather permitting, according to the release. 

“EverCrisp has proven itself as a good variety to be grown in the upper Eastern U.S., and we are excited to add more acres to our farms,” Dobbins said in the release.

The combination of EverCrisp parentage gives consumers a burst of sweet and tart flavors.

“Our team has run store samplings with EverCrisp, and consumers are amazed at the crisp flesh and the amazing flavor,” Brett Baker, United Apple Sales director, said in the release.

Tops Friendly Markets, a chain with 159 northeastern locations, has found EverCrisp to be a good addition.

“The Honeycrisp has a strong following on its own, and when you add in the tang from fuji, EverCrisp creates a truly unique flavor profile and crispness,” Jeff Cady, Tops Friendly Markets produce and floral director, said in the release. “EverCrisp gives us another exciting point of differentiation for our stores.”