New Product Review — Sunset Honey Bombs

New Product Review — Sunset Honey Bombs

New Product Review - Sunset Honey Bombs

Honey Bombs, the newest item in the Sunset tomatoes-on-the-vine lineup from Mastronardi Produce, have been making the rounds at recent trade shows, including taking the prize for Best Snackable Product at the Canadian Produce Marketing Association’s Virtual New Product Showcase.

Honey Bombs, which were preceded in the Bombs lineup by Flavor Bombs and Sugar Bombs, have also received a Superior Taste Award from the International Taste Institute.

“We have received overwhelming feedback on our Bombs lineup as a whole, especially our newest addition, Honey Bombs,” said Justine Chevalier, communications manager for Mastronardi. “People are blown away with the sweet-like-honey flavor, perfect crunch and fragrant aroma that Honey Bombs offer, as well as the beautiful packaging design.”

Honey Bombs started shipping this month and have already seen great results, she said.

“Consumers already know and love our Flavor Bombs and Sugar Bombs on-the-vine snacking tomatoes,” Chevalier said. “We are excited to offer them another option that we know will garner the same cult-like following. We have made significant expansion efforts to keep up with the insatiable demand of these products.”

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