New Naturipe Snacks feature fruit, nuts, cheese

New Naturipe Snacks feature fruit, nuts, cheese

Naturipe’s new snacks feature berries, grapes, nuts and cheese, focusing on health and convenience.

The four Naturipe Snacks with protein are an extension of the berry company’s snack line, with Naturipe Bites and Naturipe Snacks Fruit Cups already available. The new snacks are available at Giant-Eagle and H-E-B stores, and will soon be in Kroger stores, according to a news release.

The additions to the Naturipe Snack line are:

  • Sweet & Crunchy: Strawberries, blueberries, cinnamon almonds and white cheddar cheese;
  • Sweet & Zesty: Strawberries, cracked black pepper cashews and aged Swiss cheese;
  • Classic & Sharp: Grapes, blueberries, roasted sea salt almonds and sharp cheddar cheese; and
  • Bold & Spicy: Grapes, chili mango cashews and pepper jack cheese.

“Our new Naturipe Snacks say, ‘We are here for you – morning, noon, and night,’” CarrieAnn Arias, vice president of marketing, said in the release. “Whether you need energy to power through the busiest times or you want to kick back with a tasty healthful snack, we curated these Naturipe Snack combinations so that they feel like an indulgence.”

Steven Ware, Naturipe’s vice president and general manager of Naturipe Snacks, said consumers want more than a fruit snack.

“That’s why we’ve added protein and dairy sources to this next generation of Naturipe Snacks,” Ware said in the release. “We are excited about this innovation at Naturipe, and we can’t wait for you to see what’s coming next.”

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