Natural Delights 2019 date harvest successful

Natural Delights 2019 date harvest successful

Bard Valley, Calif.-based Natural Delights has announced a successful 2019 Medjool date harvest.

Good weather conditions provided larger than average fruit size and favorable quality, according to a news release.

“Due to having zero carryover from our 2018 fruit, we are delighted to say we are already shipping out new crop fruit, ensuring our customers are getting the freshest dates on the market,” David Baxter, brand manager of Natural Delights, said in the release. “Being a co-op gives us the ability to work directly with our growers to ensure that we are following the most stringent growing practices producing the highest quality fruit.”

Natural Delights has doubled its volume/sales over the past five years, according to the release.

“Demand has exceeded supply the last two seasons, the crop positions us to supply additional volumes on a global basis,” Baxter said.

Natural Delights offers whole, pitted, organic and pitted organic Medjool dates, premium chopped Medjool dates and Medjool date rolls with flavors such as coconut, almond and cacao with pecans, according to the release.

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