Mushroom momentum — Crisis highlights staple status of ‘shrooms

Mushroom momentum — Crisis highlights staple status of ‘shrooms

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Mushrooms, like many other fresh produce items, saw dramatic year-over-year sales spikes in March, April and May, the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic. For mushrooms, that momentum continued into June, with increases of 29.1% and 23.4% over 2019 sales for the first two weeks of the month.

Mushrooms have outperformed the fresh vegetable category as a whole throughout the pandemic when it comes to growth over last year, and the elevated baseline for mushroom sales has held up better than perhaps any other top 10 vegetable item as the pandemic has continued.

The early darlings of stock-up buying, potatoes and onions, saw continued growth over 2019 into the first weeks of June, but nowhere near the spikes experienced in March and April. Seasonal summer vegetable items like tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers have seen more of an uptick lately – but mushrooms remain one of the highest-growth items among the top 10 vegetables in dollar sales.

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Graphic by Alison Fulton