Mission releases avocado interchangeability chart

Mission releases avocado interchangeability chart

Mission Produce Inc., Oxnard, Calif., is offering a Size Interchangeability chart, giving foodservice operators information on avocado yields by size and preparation.

The Size Interchangeability chart, an expansion of Mission Produce’s Foodservice AvocaDOs and DON’Ts guide, will be highlighted at the Produce Marketing Association’s Foodservice Conference and Expo July 27 in Monterey, Calif., at booth No. 616.

The chart and guide are part of Mission Produce’s foodservice offerings, according to a news release.

Whether avocados are sliced, diced, mashed or pureed, the chart educates foodservice operators on how much usable fruit will be available based on sizes.

“Because fruit sizing varies throughout the year, we created a solution on how to order and prepare avocados based on our customers’ needs,” Bryan Garibay, foodservice sales manager, said in the release. “By using the Size Interchangeability chart in conjunction with utilizing what the trees are producing, our customers will mitigate potential supply challenges while saving money on food cost.”

That gives foodservice companies flexibility in ordering and menu planning, according to the release.

“As avocados appear on more menus, we wanted to provide our foodservice customers with an additional tool to serve the finest avocados,” Denise Junqueiro, director of marketing, said in the release.

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