Michigan asparagus season has successful close

Michigan asparagus season has successful close

The seven-week Michigan asparagus season ended in late June, with a record crop.

Spring rain created ideal conditions for predictable growth as well as desirable flavor and thickness, according to a news release from the Michigan Asparagus Advisory Board.

“When the weather gets hot, the asparagus shoots up,” John Bakker, the booard’s executive director, said in the release. “Under the right conditions, we’ll see up to 10 inches of growth in a single day. Those are the days that require us to go through a field two or three times to harvest. If a grower gets behind, they’ll have to mow the field and lose that part of the harvest.”

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is reporting this year’s fresh market production reached an all-time high of 14 million pounds, whereas processed asparagus was at an all-time low at 7 million pounds, according to the release.

The Michigan Asparagus Advisory Board addressed concern with asparagus imports from Peru and Mexico undercutting costs associated with domestic production, according to the release. 

The board addressed the issue with consumer promotion campaigns focusing on freshness, food miles, sustainability and supporting local farmers, according to the release. 

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