Lower apple storage numbers continue through season

Lower apple storage numbers continue through season


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Fresh apple shippers on Jan. 1 had almost 92 million bushels (42 pounds) in fresh and controlled-atmosphere storage, a 16% drop than at the same time in early 2018.

The total number of processing apples in available through the end of the season was 34.5 million bushels, an 18% drop than at the same time last year, according to the U.S. Apple Association’s third report of the season, released Jan. 9.

All apples in storage totaled 126.3 million bushels, 16% than last year and an 11% drop in all apple holdings for the five-year average for all apple varieties.

Fresh apple holdings, broken down by U.S. regions, as of Jan. 1, were:

  • Northeast: 7.65 million bushels
  • Southeast: 486,960 bushels
  • Midwest: 4.18 million bushels
  • Southwest: 223,915 bushels
  • Northwest: 79.27 million bushels

States with the most apples in storage on Jan. 1 were:

  • Washington: 78.3 million bushels
  • New York: 5.98 million bushels
  • Michigan: 4.01 million bushels

The top varieties of fresh-market apples in storage Jan. 1 by bushels, were:

  • Red delicious: 24.37 million
  • Gala: 18.31 million
  • Fuji: 11.87 million
  • Granny smith: 9.33 million
  • Honeycrisp: 8 million
  • Pink Lady/Cripps Pink: 4.66 million
  • Golden delicious: 4.24 million