LGMA seminar informs buyers on food safety changes

LGMA seminar informs buyers on food safety changes

The California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement is sponsoring a web seminar to educate buyers on recent agricultural water metrics changes.

The California and Arizona LGMAs changed practices involving treatment of irrigation water in 2019 in response to E. coli outbreaks involving romaine lettuce. The updated food safety practices for LGMA members will be discussed during the seminar, including:

  • How the changes make lettuce safer;
  • What other changes the LGMAs are taking to enhance leafy greens food safety;
  • When and how the LGMAs enforce requirements; and
  • How buyers benefit from the changes.

The web seminar, scheduled for 1 ½ hours, begins at noon Central on Jan. 7.

Registration is online.

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