John Vena Inc. offers distinctive Dino melons

John Vena Inc. offers distinctive Dino melons

John Vena Inc., Philadelphia, is offering a new melon in the U.S. market, the Brazilian Dino melon.

The round melons have green “splotches” and have high brix content, according to a news release. The melons are exclusively from Brazilian grower Agricola Famosa. 

According to a John Vena Inc. brochure, the melons are shipped in 22-pound flats, with five or six to a flat. The melons ship into February, with the season picking up steam

in November. That allows retailers to extend the melon season, according to a statement from John Vena Inc.
The Dino Melons have a sweet taste with a white flesh that is “aromatic and lightly tart in flavor,” according to the release. The melons were developed from seeds of the white honeydew melon.

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