Jim Knutzon leads SCS’ Food and Agriculture division

Jim Knutzon leads SCS’ Food and Agriculture division


Jim Knutzon has been promoted to oversee the SCS Global Services’ Food and Agriculture Division.

Knutzon, who was at SCS for 10 years in program development and operational leadership for 10 years before joining Farm Fresh, where he was president and CEO, returned to SCS in 2016 as vice president. He continued to serve on the SCS board of directors.

“Jim has been there every step of the way as SCS has innovated time and time again to support healthy, environmentally, and ethically sound practices,” Stanley Rhodes, SCS founder and president, said in a news release.

SCS provides supply chain auditing services, including pesticide residue analysis, organic certification, sustainability certification and numerous other services for fresh produce and other agricultural products.

“We’ve never been satisfied to simply reinforce the status quo,” Knutzon said in the release. “As a benefit corporation, our mission has been to help companies achieve the highest levels of environmental, social and economic performance possible, and communicate these success stories to customers and stakeholders.”