Jazz apple promo set to Energize consumers

Jazz apple promo set to Energize consumers

A Jazz apple promotion starting the week of Jan. 20 seeks to Energize consumers throughout North America.

The Energize consumer contest, which runs through February, is designed to promote healthy habits and boost workouts, according to a news release.

Consumers who submit proofs of purchase of Jazz apples at the contest site along with a note on why they prefer Jazz apples, are entered to win a prize. The 11 cash prizes total $20,000, with a $10,000 grand prize. Two $1,000 prizes will be drawn on Fridays, starting Jan. 31, and the grand prize drawing is March 10.

“Jazz, traditionally, has been positioned and known as a great pre- and post-exercise apple, due to its sweet/tangy flavor profile and useful ‘on-the-go’ size profile,” Chris Willett, general manager of EnzaFruit Products Inc., said in the release. “We want to be able to incentivize and reward Jazz shoppers during this healthful time of year.”

The Energize campaign includes displays, point-of-sales displays, social media influencer, promotional geotargeted messages and digital coupons.

“We look forward to working with retailers to drive Jazz sales through their vehicles, leveraging the best ways to reach and reward their shoppers,” Angie Hanson, national brand activation manager for New Zealand-based T&G and The Oppenheimer Group, said in the release. “We’ll simply provide any in-store direction and boost where we can, through T&G’s digital and social outlets to ensure we drive incremental sales and make it a success.”

North American distributors of the Jazz apple are Oppy, CMI Orchards and Rainier Fruit Co. 

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