Intergrow Greenhouses expands in New York

Intergrow Greenhouses expands in New York

Albion, N.Y.-based Intergrow Greenhouses is expanding in New York.

Construction began in September on the company’s planned 10-acre lit greenhouse, according to a news release.

The site is within 24 hours of nearly 60% of the U.S. population, and the release said the facility will bring new jobs to upstate New York.

“We’ve found success here in New York throughout the years,” co-owner and president Dirk Biemans said in the release. “Not only are we in an ideal climate for the greenhouses, but we’re in close proximity to major markets.”

Foundation work for the facility will be completed this fall, and the company plans to harvest its first crop next fall. 

Intergrow Greenhouses currently operates three greenhouse facilities, according to the release. They use  artificial light to produce a variety of tomatoes year-round, including tomatoes on the vine, cherry tomatoes on the vine, grape tomatoes and beefsteak tomatoes.

The latest expansion will complete the second of three phases at Ontario, N.Y., according to the release. 

“We’ve seen increased demand for greenhouse grown produce, especially through the winter months,” Kris Gibson, vice president of sales and marketing, said in the release.

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