Industry votes to drop frozen fruit from Mango Promotion Board

Industry votes to drop frozen fruit from Mango Promotion Board

The National Mango Board will no longer promote frozen mangoes after a recent vote, in which a majority of importers of the frozen fruit rejected participation in the board.

Voting was during a three-week period in October-September, and 83% of frozen mango importers were against their continued participation, according to a U.S. Department of Agriculture news release. When they became an official part of the National Mango Board in July 2019, votes by fresh and frozen importers in favor of adding frozen mangoes was a slim majority of 52.5%

The decision to break away was supported by 49% of mango first handlers and importers. The same group voted 60% in favor of continuing the program, meaning it will continue for fresh mangoes. 

“USDA will begin the process of amending the Mango Promotion, Research and Information Order to remove the provisions of frozen mangos from the order, including suspending assessments on frozen mangos through rulemaking,” according to the release.

The National Mango Board praised the vote to continue the fresh promotions and research.

"Thank you to the mango industry for their continued support and recognizing the value of the NMB's efforts in strengthening consumer awareness and increasing consumption of mango," Manuel Michel, executive director, said in the release. "Over the past 15 years, our efforts in marketing, communications, research, and industry relations, coupled with the extraordinary work of the mango industry to supply the growing demand of mango has moved us closer to our vision of transforming mango from an exotic fruit to a daily necessity in every U.S. household."

The board declined to comment on frozen mangoes being dropped from the program.

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