Industry veterans establish procurement company Re Fresh

Industry veterans establish procurement company Re Fresh

Two produce industry veterans, Doug Fisher and Joe Cimino, have established Re Fresh LLC, a Salinas, Calif.-based produce procurement company.

The men have a long history in agricultural businesses, each with more than 30 years of experience, according to a news release.

Re Fresh combines “break-through predictive analytics with the more personal old-school way of doing business,” according to the release.

"Buying and selling produce used to be a simple, trust-based business, where nothing mattered more than personal relationships and integrity," co-founder Cimino said in the release "We believe this is still the best way to conduct business, especially when it is combined with sophisticated modeling and predictive analytics to provide insight into supply, demand and pricing trends."

Co-founder Fisher said Re Fresh uses analytics to help advise clients with data-driven business decisions.

“However, we will not let our systems or technology get in the way of boots-on-the-ground experience or personal communication and insights," he said in the release. "We will still be visiting with and picking up the phone to talk to our customers and suppliers on a regular basis, as nothing can replace personal connections."

Fisher was at Pro*Act for almost 9 years, most recently as director of business development. Other experience includes owner and founder of Bozeman Produce Co. in Montana, and a broker for Cal West Produce Enterprises, Pacific International Marketing and Patrick Small Co.

Cimino joined Pro*Act in 2000, and was most recently vice president of procurement. He was named in The Packer 25 list of influential people in the industry in 2012, when he was director of procurement at the Monterey, Calif.-based company.