Honeycrisp the exception in down crop year

Honeycrisp the exception in down crop year


Honeycrisp volume is up but most every other major apple variety is down compared with last year.

U.S. fresh apple holdings on Nov. 1 totaled 115.5 million cartons, 14% less than the same time a year ago, according to the U.S. Apple Association. 

Fresh holdings were 11% down compared with the five-year average of 130.3 million cartons, according to the Nov. 1 report.

The group said total apples in storage totaled 155 million bushels, 14% less than last year and the five-year average.

However, total Honeycrisp fresh holdings Nov. 1 were 11.15 million cartons, up 6% from 10.56 million cartons last year and 58% higher than two years ago, when 7.06 million cartons of Honeycrisp were in storage.

On the other hand, fresh market gala holdings totaled 24.4 million cartons, down from 15% from 28.6 million cartons last year and off 6% from two years ago. Fresh market red delicious holdings were 27.6 million cartons on Nov. 1, down 19% from 34.1 million cartons a year ago and 29% less than holdings of 39 million cartons two years ago.