Honeybear Brands store displays highlight importance of bees

Honeybear Brands store displays highlight importance of bees

Apple grower-shipper Honeybear Brands, Elgin, Minn., is partnering with the National Honey Board and retailers to educate consumers about the importance of pollinators.

In-store displays will focus on honey bees and their importance in pollinating apple crops, and proceeds from the sales of Honeybear Brands apples this fall will be used to establish pollinator habitats at apple orchards on behalf of participating retailers. Social media programming will alert consumers to the retailer’s participation in helping establish the habitats, according to a news release.

Midwest retailer Cub Foods, which is the leading chain in the Twin Cities, has displays highlighting the program.

“Cub jumped at the chance to partner with Honeybear to help solve a serious issue in our agriculture community,” Mike Stigers, CEO of Cub Foods, said in the release. “Honeybear is a great company and we love working with our partners especially when it comes to creative solutions that support our environment and sustainability.”

Kristi Harris, brand manager for Honeybear Brands, said Cub Foods has pledged to sponsor development of pollinator habitats and will showcase the displays through September.

“Along with the National Honey Board, we will collectively increase awareness of honey bees – which are so critical to the development of our apples,” Harris said in the release. “In the busyness of life, we can sometimes forget how fragile the food system can be, so these displays are a great way to remind shoppers about the importance of honey bees and maybe even inspire them to plant their own pollinator gardens.”

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