Healthy Trailer verifies washout system reduces microbials

Healthy Trailer verifies washout system reduces microbials

Healthy Trailer LLC has passed the first phase of a third-party verification process of its patent-pending trailer cleaning process.

The test included a microbial evaluation of the trailer sanitation to establish the levels of the micribial population, and then demonstrate the Healthy Trailer system effectively reduced the microbial load, according to a news release from the King City, Calif.-based company.

The company worked with Lighthouse Food Quality and Safety LLC, Salinas, Calif., on the testing.

The tests showed microbial population on field trailers used to move fresh field product to packing/processing, and long-haul trailers used to deliver to retail, foodservice and wholesale customers, according to the release.

Before and after tests demonstrated that the Healthy Trailer system reduces microbial levels, using multiple spray bars, forced-air drying and germicidal UV lamps, according to the release.

According to the company, the process is compliant with the Food Safety Modernization Act, using technology, standardized processes and a tracking/certification system.

The company also has washout stations in Yuma, Ariz.