Harvest of largest Arctic apple crop wraps up

Harvest of largest Arctic apple crop wraps up

Okanagan Specialty Fruits® (OSF), developer and grower behind the innovative Arctic® apple, is pleased to announce the completion of the 2020 Arctic® apple harvest, its largest to date. 

The apples were harvested in Washington state, where 1,350 acres of Arctic apple orchards are planted. The Arctic® Golden harvest yielded approximately 8,400 bins or almost 8 million pounds. The Arctic® Granny harvest recently concluded and yielded approximately 5,500 bins or 5 million pounds. This is twice the size of the 2019 harvest and is attributed to an increase in harvestable acreage from last year and the trees, which as they mature, produce more fruit. 
“We are thankful for our team of over 150 harvesters who have made this season possible,” said Bob Wilkinson, Director of Sales for OSF. “We’re proud to see the Arctic apple volume continue to grow and look forward to our buyers and consumers giving this season's high quality, delicious apples a try.”

The company has enlisted a videographer to join the harvest process and document the journey of Arctic apples from harvest to packaging. In the meantime, please visit the Arctic apple YouTube channel to see other videos about Arctic apples.

Arctic apples’ fresh slices are available in 2 sizes and 2 varieties: Arctic® Golden (sweet) and Arctic® Granny (tart) in 10 oz. and 5 oz. bags. Stay tuned, as a new 2 oz. package is on its way and will debut later this year! 

Arctic apples use the apple’s own genes to “turn off” the enzyme responsible for making apples turn brown when cut or bruised. The result is an amazing quality, longer shelf life apple that tastes and looks better, which means less food waste from harvest to consumption. Arctic apples retain their fresh appearance and delicious flavor throughout the shelf life, which surpasses all other freshcut apples in the market.

Arctic apples are developed and grown specifically for fresh cut applications. Arctic apples are unmatched in flavor, convenience, and sustainability. For more information, please visit arcticapples.com.