G&R Farms celebrates 75th year, rainforest certification

G&R Farms celebrates 75th year, rainforest certification

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Vidalia onion grower G&R Farms, Glennville, Ga., is celebrating its 75th anniversary, kicking off a consumer campaign featuring the Dasher family’s legacy and Peruvian sweet onions.

The campaign, which starts in September, features the farm’s history and heritage, along with a focus on sustainability and G&R’s recent Rainforest Alliance certification, according to a news release.

With the Peruvian onion season, the campaign features new bins, point-of-sale materials and social media activities. A downloadable recipe booklet will be featured on Facebook, as well as weekly giveaways.

Family photos from throughout the years and video footage will be highlighted on social media channels to educate consumers on the company’s history, according to the release.

Walter L. Dasher started the operation in 1945, and it has expanded to more than 5,000 acres, growing several commodities, with a focus on sweet onions.

“We’ve been growing, packing, marketing and shipping sweet onions for nearly seven decades,” Walt Dasher, vice president of G&R Farms, said in the release. “My grandfather was one of the original pioneers that helped with the development and growth of Vidalia onions. “We’re continuing this tradition as we focus on perfecting the quality and flavor of our year-round onions while doing our part to protect the environment,” Dasher said in the release.

The company has already started importing Peruvian onions due to shortened Vidalia season. G&R Farms started the Peruvian program in 2009, and it’s grown to more than 44 million pounds in 2019.

The company has added the Rainforest Alliance seal to bins and packaging to demonstrate its dedication to sustainability and health of farmworkers in Peru, according to the release.

“Although much has changed over the years, the cornerstone of our business which is rooted in honesty and integrity has remained the same,” Dasher said in the release “We’re proud of this legacy as we look forward to an even brighter future.”  

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