Fyffes ditches plastic with paper bands on organic bananas

Fyffes ditches plastic with paper bands on organic bananas

Fyffes is introducing a new band for banana bunches as a significant step in reducing packaging.

The banana band, to be used on organic fair trade bananas at retail, is fully recyclable and made from Kraft paper pulp, according a news release. The company researched sustainable packaging options for 18 months to find an alternative to the plastic bags that are common with organic bananas.

“This is a significant step in realizing one of our sustainability strategic pillars – stewardship for the planet – and has created an opportunity for us to promote the sustainability message amongst our consumers,” Emma Hunt-Duffy, Fyffes’ sales and marketing manager, said in the release.

The paper, made from certified Forestry Stewardship Council sources, is also compostable. The bands have been tested in Ireland, in grocery stores, where Fyffes is based.

The bands can withstand different environments in the supply chain, from tropical conditions at the farms, transportation to export countries, without affecting fruit quality, according to the release.

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