Fresh holdings of U.S. apples up by 14%

Fresh holdings of U.S. apples up by 14%

U.S. fresh market apple holdings on Jan. 1 totaled 103.97 million (42-pound) bushels, according to the U.S. Apple Association.

The Jan. 1 fresh apple inventories are about 14% greater than fresh holdings the same time last year, according to the association’s Market News report.

The U.S. Apple report said the total number of apples in storage on Jan. 1 was 144.1 million bushels, 15% greater than a year ago and 3% percent above the 5-year average for that date.

Fresh apple variety holdings for Jan. 1, with percentage change from a year ago were:

  • Cosmic Crisp: 175,238 bushels (first year);
  • Red delicious: 22.35 million bushels, down 9%
  • Gala: 22.2 million bushels, up 22%;
  • Fuji: 12.7 million bushels, up 7%;
  • Granny smith: 12.6 million bushels, up 35%;
  • Honeycrisp: 10.32 million bushels, up 31%;
  • Golden delicious: 6.7 million bushels, up 60%;
  • Cripps pink/Pink Lady: 5.32 million bushels, up 14%.

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