Fresh Express Pumpkin Panzanella, chopped Caesar kits to stores

Fresh Express Pumpkin Panzanella, chopped Caesar kits to stores


Fresh Express is rolling out two salad kits nationwide.

The kits are:

  • Pumpkin Panzanella — Arugula and baby kale blend with pumpkin-spiced cornbread crutons, chow mein noodles, apple-spiced pepitas, sweet cherry flavored cranberries and an apple Dijon vinaigrette dressing; and
  • Caesar Chopped Kit — Chopped romaine, herb-seasoned croutons, cracked pepper, grated fresh parmesan cheese and creamy parmesan Caesar dressing.

With Caesar salad being the top-selling salad kit flavor, Fresh Express is extending its popularity to the company’s Chopped Kits segment, according to a news release. The Pumpkin Panzanella Kit focuses on seasonality, giving “consumers a taste of fall in a crisp, refreshing and quick-to-prepare packaged salad kit,” according to the release.

 “We know that Caesar and pumpkin-flavored products are favorites among today’s consumers, and we wanted to make them easy to enjoy at home," Michael Golderman, marketing brand leader for Fresh Express, said in the release. “Chefs at the Fresh Express Innovations Kitchen tested multiple recipes, carefully selecting flavor combinations and unique ingredients, to provide restaurant-inspired salads that our customers can enjoy in the comfort of their home.”