Equitable Food Initiative offers recruitment scorecard

Equitable Food Initiative offers recruitment scorecard

Equitable Food Initiative has created a free responsible recruitment scorecard, available in English and Spanish.

Grower-shippers choose between two versions of a detailed questionnaire, according to a news release. One version helps identify risks associated with the foreign recruitment of workers, and the other determines potential risks when working with farm labor contractors.

The questionnaires are confidential and provide a rating indicator and areas growers can address to improve the recruitment process, according to the release.

“These scorecards allow growers to have visibility into what are often invisible risks they take on by using third-party labor providers,” Kenton Harmer, director of certification and impact at EFI, said in the release. “As a self-assessment tool, growers use the results internally to determine which recruiters and farm labor contractors are most aligned with the ethos of their business and to build partnerships that further reduce their vulnerabilities around forced labor.”

With the release of the 2018 Ethical Charter on Responsible Labor Practices, the demand for social responsibility has risen, according to the release.

“Responsible recruitment is the right thing to do, and we’ve found that it can also drive business performance,” Harmer said in the release. “Not only does it reduce the legal and commercial risks for the grower, but it can also create an environment for meaningful worker collaboration which results in better quality products and increased company efficiencies.”

The scorecard can be found at https://equitablefood.org/scorecard.

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