Ed Treacy to lead PMA’s focus on sustainability

Ed Treacy to lead PMA’s focus on sustainability

As the  industry's focus on sustainability increases, the Produce Marketing Association is doing the same, naming Ed Treacy as its point person on sustainability issues.

Treacy, vice president of supply chain and sustainability, will take leadership on the issue, according to a news release.

“There’s no one who has a better grasp on all of the intricacies and opportunities within the floral and produce supply chains than Ed,” Bob Whitaker, chief science and technology officer for PMA, said in the release. “He is a relentless advocate for our industry in a variety of important places, and I am thrilled that he will be leading PMA’s efforts as we become a resource for our industry around sustainability.”

Sustainability is the responsibility for the entire supply chain, Whitaker said, and PMA’s role includes helping people understand trends, information, resources and best practices “to drive economic, social, and environmental benefits for their companies and for the world.”

That calls for sharing and adopting sustainable business models and strategies across the supply chain, according to the release, and PMA plans to “showcase the floral and produce industry as a prime place of innovation in the area.”

Treacy has been PMA’s expert in developing supply chain practices for more than nine years, and is the association’s technical consultant to the Produce Traceability Initiative. He’ll head PMA’s new Sustainability Committee, which will identify trends, information, resources and best practices for the industry. John Chamberlain, vice president of global marketing at Limoneira Co., is the committee’s chairman.

“It was so important that (Chamberlain) was involved because his talent and instinct for telling the industry’s story through marketing is exactly what we need,” Treacy said in the release. “ .. It’s our goal to uncover these stories and share them, within our industry and beyond it.”