Earl’s Organic Produce moves away from plastic

Earl’s Organic Produce moves away from plastic

The biggest banana-related trend at Earl’s Organic Produce in San Francisco is a move away from plastic packaging, said Jonathan Kitchens, fruit buyer.

“We’re even to the point where, whenever possible, we are having the banana packers remove the parafilm that covers the crown that apparently reduces crown rot,” he said.

The company also has intensified its commitment to Fair Trade.

“100% of our bananas are Fair Trade,” Kitchens said.

Earl’s sources its bananas from two growing regions — Mexico and Ecuador.

Fruit from Mexico arrives on trucks, while bananas from Ecuador are shipped by boat, he said.

“Having two regions and two modes of transportation allows for all the inevitable variabilities in produce,” Kitchens said.

The same type of banana is grown in each location.